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Scott Alberti

I have been a University of Washington Physician, UWP, patient for over 25 years and was referred by my PCP to their Dermetology DEPT for evaluation and tx for precancerous lesions. The referral was addressed as urgent due to increasing discomfort and ineffectual office therapies; I.e., freezing and topical chemo therapy. I was contacted by the UW Dermatology clinic and told the earliest available appointment would be 5 months away; I declined. I was referred to Craig Baugher, MPAS, PA-C, by a very close friend and was seen within a week. I was given a complete exam and given several tx options and scheduled for the most affective tx procedure within the next week. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to Mr. Baugher, whose professional manner and expertise relieved my anxiety. He and his team are successfully treating my condition.