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Psoriasis Treatment in Seattle, WA

Psoriasis Treatment in Seattle, WA

I was very pleased to have their office accommodate me since I was a new patient and got to see the doctor that week once I had my referral. Staff is awesome. Dr. Wu gave me the correct cream to heal my eczema and within two days my skin was back to normal. I would recommend this office to anyone who has skin issues. – JULIE B. M.

Psoriasis is an all-to-common disease that can worsen if left untreated. At North Sound Dermatology, we offer a range of treatments so that your condition can be treated as effectively as possible. Our nationally recognized providers offer psoriasis treatment for patients in Seattle, Everett, and the surrounding areas.

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic, non-contagious disease that affects over seven million people in the United States alone. It is characterized by a dry, scaly rash that results from cells reproducing at an increased speed. The rapid production of skin cells causes constant shedding of the skin, resulting in symptoms such as itching, tenderness, and inflammation. The cause of the disease is not currently known, but triggers such as sunburns, allergies and diet have been known to lead to development.

Types of Psoriasis

There are a variety of psoriasis types, varying based on causes and symptoms.

  • Plaque Psoriasis – This is the most common type of psoriasis, characterized by dry, itchy redness. It appears most frequently on the knees and elbows, but can appear anywhere on the body.
  • Inverse Psoriasis – Symptoms are typically found in skin fold areas, such as the armpits or groin, where irritation due to sweating and rubbing occurs. It is more commonly found in overweight individuals.
  • Guttate Psoriasis – This type appears in children and young adults, usually as a reaction to other infections. It is characterized by small red spots that form on the limbs and scalp.
  • Pustular Psoriasis – Often triggered by infection, pregnancy, or medicine, this form is characterized by white blisters that surround red patches of skin. It mostly affects adults and develops in localized areas, such as the hands or feet.
  • Erythrodermic Psoriasis – The rarest form of psoriasis, it causes extensive skin shedding, severe itching, and pain. It is usually preceded by plaque psoriasis, and can lead to severe illness.

How is Psoriasis Treated?

Mild cases of psoriasis can be treated with creams, ointments and lotions. More severe cases can benefit from phototherapy treatments, which utilize ultraviolet light to slow the growth of affected skin cells. Medicine can also be used to control the inflammation and alleviate some of the symptoms.

Contact us today to learn about your treatment options or to schedule a consultation. We also encourage you to read about our insurance information. We offer care to patients in Everett, Seattle, and the surrounding areas.