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Patients in Kirkland and beyond enjoy many benefits from non-surgical fat reduction

When diet and exercise have not yielded the desired results, there is no need to be discouraged. Non-surgical fat reduction treatments can improve body contours, as well as confidence, without needles, surgery, or general anesthesia. Thanks to advances in dermatology, plastic surgery is not the only method for improving body contours. The team at North Sound Dermatology Aesthetics in the Kirkland area has conducted extensive research to determine which treatments to offer our patients. We are a national training center for several treatments that we perform in our offices in Mill Creek, Monroe, Everett, South Everett, and Smokey Point.

Our non-surgical fat reduction and skin tightening treatments include Exilis Elite and Vanquish, innovative devices designed to deliver excellent results. Exilis Elite is a small handheld device that is gently guided over virtually any area of the body including the jawline (jowls), neck, along the inner aspect of the upper arms, the abdomen, love handles, thighs, and buttocks. Treatment is comfortable and compared to a warm stone massage. There is no downtime, allowing patients to return to work or resume other activities.

Vanquish is a larger device that is ideal for circumferentially wider regions such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and upper back bra fat areas. Unlike Exilis, this device is placed over the treatment area and does not touch the skin. Patients compare treatment to a warm blanket or heating pad on a certain area of the body. Like Exilis, Vanquish treatments do not have any downtime.

Depending on the site being treated, as few as two sessions may be all that is needed for either device. At most, four sessions may be recommended. The length of each session depends on the area being treated. An Exilis Elite treatment session may last 10 to 40 minutes; whereas Vanquish treatment is usually about 30 minutes to an hour.

Unlike spas, salons, and many medi-spas in the Kirkland area and beyond, all treatments and procedures in our offices are either performed by, or are directly supervised by, a board-certified dermatologist. If diet and exercise have proven unsuccessful for battling unwanted fat deposits, schedule a consultation with a member of our team by calling 425-276-7759.