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What is a Licensed Medical Aesthetician?

North Sound Dermatology is home to a variety of qualified medical professionals, including licensed medical aestheticians. Our diverse and capable providers help us to deliver the best possible care to our patients who call the Seattle and Everett areas home.

A licensed medical aesthetician is a professional who has specialized in skin care, especially non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Aestheticians are often confused with cosmetologists, but these are two different fields. A cosmetologist typically focuses on the application of cosmetics, and rarely works in a medical setting. Aestheticians are also qualified to apply cosmetics and provide beauty treatments, but their expertise includes a much broader range of skin care.


The exact licensure requirements for aestheticians vary by state. To qualify, an individual needs several hundred hours of rigorous training. Following the required amount of training, an in-depth examination is required before a license will be issued. Many aestheticians complete additional education, especially training in specific procedures and technologies.

Services Offered

Aestheticians may choose to work in a spa setting or a medical office. They can provide a wide range of services, depending on their training and experience.

In addition to cosmetic procedures and general and medical skin care services, our aestheticians offer a number of procedures for medical conditions, such as acne, that are covered by most insurances.

Why See A Licensed Medical Aesthetician

A licensed medical aesthetician working in a medical setting, like a dermatology office, can provide many of the same procedures that you might receive from a spa or beauty parlor – with an important distinction. At all times, your treatment plan is being supervised by a board-certified dermatologist. Furthermore, you will know that the cleanliness, safety precautions, and technology of the facility meet the highest standards. If you need care from a dermatologist as well, you can enjoy the convenience of this, all under one roof. Often, the aesthetician will find things on your skin that require the attention of a dermatologist, such as acne, rosacea or even skin cancer.

An experienced licensed medical aesthetician has the training and knowledge to customize treatments to your skin’s unique qualities. Even the safest cosmetics, skin care products and beauty treatments have the potential to aggravate certain skin conditions. Additionally, the effectiveness of any given treatment will vary among different patients.

At North Sound Dermatology, you can enjoy superb care, customized to meet your needs, from our highly qualified team of experts. Contact us and schedule an appointment today. We welcome patients from Seattle, Everett, and the surrounding areas.