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Home » Dermatological team in Everett explains Mohs Micrographic Surgery and the cost factors of this skin cancer treatment

Dermatological team in Everett explains Mohs Micrographic Surgery and the cost factors of this skin cancer treatment

One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the only global organization solely devoted to the prevention, early detection, and treatment of skin cancer. The North Sound Dermatology team understands this statistic can be alarming. Therefore, we take the time to educate men and women in Everett and beyond about the dangers of skin cancer and how it can be prevented. If skin cancer is detected during an examination, we will explain treatment such as Mohs Micrographic Surgery and the cost of the procedure.

Providing specialized treatment

Although there are various surgical techniques for removing skin cancer, our double board-certified dermatologist, Dieter Schmidt, MD, FAAD, FACMS, is a Fellowship-trained Mohs Micrographic Surgeon, one of only three such surgeons in the county. Being fellowship-trained, he has extensive experience in Mohs. Mohs surgery is a precise treatment for skin cancer and has the highest cure rate of any type of treatment for most types of skin cancer, including a 99 percent cure rate for the most common type of skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma. Dr. Schmidt removes the cancer and then the margins are examined under a microscope. The procedure is repeated until the final tissue and its margins are determined to be clear of cancer. Mohs surgery is especially suitable for skin cancer that was treated previously and has returned, does not have clearly defined edges, is growing rapidly or uncontrollably, or is located within a scar. Utilizing the Mohs technique can help preserve healthy tissue and ensure optimal cosmetic results.

Cost factors of Mohs micrographic surgery

Due to its high cure rate, utilizing the Mohs technique can be more cost-effective than other treatments because the risk of needing a second surgery years later is much less with this type of surgery. Other methods have higher recurrence rates and therefore require a second surgery and pathology readings down the road. Fortunately, all insurance plans cover Mohs Micrographic Surgery under their provided benefits. Our team would be happy to talk to you about your insurance plan, or other payment options, to help you obtain the right treatment for your needs.

It is our hope that skin cancer can be prevented with screenings at least yearly. However, if skin cancer is detected, rest assured treatment is available. To learn more about Mohs Micrographic Surgery, schedule an appointment by calling 1-425-529-5964  today.