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What is a Board Certified Pediatric Dermatologist?

To provide our patients with the best care possible, North Sound Dermatology is home to many medical professionals including pediatric dermatologists. Younger patients and their guardians can be assured that they are receiving specialized care that other professionals may be unable to provide. Those in the Seattle and Everett areas can trust North Sound Dermatology for all their pediatric dermatologic needs.

A pediatric dermatologist is a board-certified dermatologist that has sub-specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases in infants, children and adolescents.


Pediatric dermatology training includes more than the diagnosis and medical treatment of children’s skin. It also includes training in the temperament of children, communication techniques, and how to keep them calm.

These medical specialists must begin with a college degree, and then complete four years of medical school to become a doctor (MD or DO). They then complete a one-year internship, followed by a three-year residency in an accredited dermatology residency program. Finally, they must complete a fellowship in an accredited pediatric dermatology program, lasting from one to three years. After completing these prerequisite requirements, a pediatric dermatology certification examination must be passed with the American Board of Dermatology to earn the designation of being a board-certified pediatric dermatologist.

Services Provided

Pediatric dermatologists offer a wide range of services with a focus on young patients. They have considerable training and experience with eczema/dermatitis, diaper rash, acne, hives, warts, birthmarks, psoriasis and other skin afflictions that commonly occur in children. They are also qualified to treat rare skin conditions.

A pediatric dermatologist may see children exclusively, or patients of all ages. These specialists are also board-certified dermatologists.

Why Choose A Pediatric Dermatologist

Children have unique needs; they are not simply smaller adults. They might not be able to clearly explain what is troubling them, or answer complex medical questions. In the case of infants, there is no verbal communication to guide the physician. Children of any age, including teenagers, may find it difficult to hold still during an examination or cooperate with the doctor.

It takes a unique combination of patience, compassion, and excellent communication skills to treat children in a way that will make them feel calm and safe, rather than anxious. It also takes exceptional diagnostic skills to identify skin problems in those who are unable or unwilling to verbalize their complaints. Trust your children to a medical specialist who understands their unique medical and emotional needs.

At North Sound Dermatology, we are very fortunate to have Dr. Mireille Chae who is one of only three board-certified pediatric dermatologists in the state.

If your children need dermatologic care, North Sound Dermatology can provide it. With our board-certified providers and state-of-the-art facility, patients in the Seattle and Everett areas can feel safe and comfortable. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.