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What is a Board Certified Dermatopathologist?

North Sound Dermatology is home to a variety of trained medical professionals, including dermatopathologists. These doctors specialize in dermatology and pathology, allowing us to provide the best possible care for our patients in the Seattle and Everett areas.

A dermatopathologist is a medical doctor that specializes in dermatology and pathology. They diagnose diseases of the skin, hair and nails by looking at samples.


A board-certified dermatopathologist must begin by earning a college bachelor’s degree, then attend medical school and become an MD (Doctor of Medicine), or a DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine), which is equivalent. Next, an internship of at least one year, followed by either a three-year residency in an accredited dermatology program or a four-year residency in an accredited pathology program, are required. Then, residencies in both dermatology (for three years) and pathology (for four years) are required. When these criteria have been met, the American Board of Dermatology administers a board certification exam.

Services Provided

Dermatopathologists work closely with dermatologists. Dermatologists can typically make an accurate diagnosis through examination, but some diseases, such as skin cancer, require a closer look.

The dermatopathologist provides the closer look for the dermatologist, and can usually diagnose the disease by examining samples under a microscope. They then explain their findings in a biopsy or pathology report, which is shared with the patient and dermatologist once the disease is identified.

Why Choose A Dermatopathologist

Dermatopathologists are specifically certified to examine and diagnose skin conditions that dermatologists may not have the ability to diagnose on their own. They may be able to explain to you certain characteristics about your disease that a dermatologist would’ve been unable to explain. Since dermatopathologists are the ones performing and recording the biopsy, when the results are delivered you can be sure that they are communicated to you clearly and directly from the source.

Dermatopathologists are educated in two fields – pathology and dermatology – so you can trust in their professional opinion and diagnosis.

For those in need of services provided by a dermatopathologist, contact North Sound Dermatology and schedule an appointment today. We welcome patients from Seattle, Everett, and the surrounding Washington areas.